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Review at Royal Aiyara Thai restaurant

When Lygon street comes to mind, Italian restaurants and their pastas and wood fired gourmet pizzas come to mind. Walking along this famous street in Carlton can be a tourist trap with all the maitre d’s beckon poor hungry customers into their restaurants. After watching the awesome movie Up, the usual gang went straight down here to have dinner at one of the few thai restaurants at Lygon. No, we didnt go to the thai institution that is called Ying Thai 2, Royal Aiyara was the destination to fill up with our tummies.

Duck Rolls

Duck Rolls

First up for the entrees, my friends went for the old favourite, Duck rolls. The entree is basically 2 rolls stuffed with roast duck with hoisin sauce and vegetables. The combination of hoisin sauce and roast duck was absolutely divine. The roast duck was really juicy as well.

Vegetarian green curry

Vegetarian green curry

Vegetarian green curry was one of the 3 mains for the night. The curry was really rich and creamy. It had the right amount of savoury goodness to compliment the coconut rice. It seemed the vegetables were just there to accompany the curry rather than vice versa. Needless to say, all of our rice were drowning in the heavenly curry.

Warm thai beef salad

Warm thai beef salad

The next main up on the table was the warm thai beef salad. Unlike the aussie version of this pub favourite in the summer, the beef was marinated in lemon juice and then stir fried. I like Aiyara’s take on this dish because of the tart aftertaste was really in line with the theme of the restaurant. The texture of the beef was all right as well.

Mango chicken

Mango chicken

Saving for the best for the last, the mango chicken was the one worth waiting for. It’s best to try this during summer while the mangoes are in season. Despite of the issue with mangoes, this dish was really yummy. The crunchy texture of deep fried chicken breast was saturated with the saccharine flavour of the mango syrup. I would like to think of it as a thai version of sweet and sour pork. And amidst all the chicken pieces, there were a few pieces of tempura veggies as well.

Lychee Fizz

Lychee Fizz

To top it all up, we had the lychee fizz. It was a refreshing drink to end the meal.

Royal Aiyara had a beautiful calming ambiance and wonderful food and service. I wouldn’t mind coming here for the duck rolls and the mango chicken in summer. You wouldn’t be disappointed if you wander your way here!

Royal Aiyara Thai Restaurant

230 Lygon Street
03 9663 3366

Royal Aiyara Thai on Urbanspoon

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